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Optimize scheduling based on certifications, experience level, and overtime standing

Facilitate officer communications and scheduling confirmations via SMS texts

Quickly fill openings by offering available shifts through the app

Track and receive alerts for licenses and certifications

Automate unbilled OT forecasts

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Provide an easy-to-use mobile app for officers

Eliminate handwritten reports with electronic reporting

Allow customers direct access to critical information through our client portal

Ensure accurate clock-ins with GPS location-based time tracking

Enhance mobile patrols with runsheets, officer routing, and client reporting

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Payroll & Billing

Benefit from full payroll services that integrate with QuickBooks and provide money movement and tax filings.

Automate billing and invoice distribution

Accept customer payments via ACH and credit card

Access profitability reports and other dashboards

Gain direct access to HR support via our partner, Mineral, including law alerts, a company handbook builder, and on-call experts

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White-glove onboarding

Our team at Belfry understands the first steps in any journey are crucial.

We put together a personalized and detailed onboarding experience to ensure the transition is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Customized training

We'll guide you through each step of the onboarding process, focusing on aspects of the software that are important to your business.

The result — maximized return on investment, less stress, and more free time.

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Documentation for teams

We’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to excel.

Our documentation encourages collaboration, reduces training time, and ensures everyone is on the same page for maximum efficiency.

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