The operating system for modern security companies

Belfry is an all-in-one software platform built to help you manage your guard services business:
from scheduling & guard tour to payroll & billing.

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Why Belfry

Streamline your process and increase your bottom line

Belfry is built specifically for forward-thinking security companies who want to scale their businesses, and be miles away from the competition.

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Monitor real-time changes to your unbilled overtime rate as you're scheduling - not after timecards are in.

your back office

Focus your staff on growing your business - not on managing schedules & filling payroll.


Engage your officers with an intuitive app that offers more - save $2k - it takes to backfill each role.


Defend against massive fines for unlicensed officers & missed breaks.

What we offer

An all-in-one solution  to grow your business


Put your scheduling on autopilot with our automated offer system, unbilled OT forecasts, and compliance tracking.

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Security Operations

Build trust & expand revenue opportunities with your customers through a dedicated client portal and automated report distribution.

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Time & Attendance

Eliminate manual timecard reviews with anomalies detected automatically, based on the schedule & GPS coordinates

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Payroll & HR

Eliminate manual efforts juggling separate timekeeping & payroll systems & give officers better visibility into their pay

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Reduce disputes and get paid faster with accurate invoices generated automatically and payments tracked

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Performance Analytics

Compare schedules to actuals to assess site profitability & other metrics to make informed decisions about your business

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From our customers’ perspectives

"Belfry is a no-brainer if you're looking to scale a security business."

Tim Keller

Former President @ Securitas

How we're doing it

Helping your business soar


Time savings


Unbilled OT


Unfilled shift

Discover the untapped potential within your business.

Our all-in-one solution empowers you with actionable information, enabling you to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

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What we've heard

We’ve received top-notch customer

Belfry shows us a list of suggested officers that are qualified to work each shift - making it 10 times easier to fill call-offs.

Mitchell TuckerPresident, N-Tact Security

I haven't seen any mobile app in the industry as intuitive and modern as Belfry's

Mitchell TuckerPresident, N-Tact Security

“Belfry challenges the norm and delivers a time-saving solution that gives you back capacity to focus on what matters.”

Dean Patterson, Sr. Director of Operations - OPS Security Group

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